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I create these seminars as bespoke to the requirements of the organisers. Below is a list of topics that can be covered but is not exhaustive, its a case of selecting them as appropriate to then create the session. The Courses can be created to fit 2 hour, half day (3.5 hours) or full day (6.5 hours) time frames. I am also available to speak at conferences as part of a wider program as required. The cost is on application due to the individual nature of the seminars.


Overview of Rheumatology

Specific condition recognition including but not limited to Rheumatoid Arthritis, Psoriatic Arthritis, Axial Spondyloarthropathy and Connective Tissue Disorders

Proceeding on recognition including onwards referrals


Appropriate blood tests and interpretation

Appropriate imaging


Physiotherapy management of the conditions

Education topics


General Health

Specific co-morbidity management

The seminars are supported by materials created by myself and other agencies, case studies and include links to the presentation slides and references.

Recorded Online Course Information

Rheumatology.Physio Recorded Online Course

Target Audience – All therapists working in Musculoskeletal practice such as Physiotherapists, Osteopaths and Sports Rehabilitators


Jack has run many face to face courses over the last 5 years, to increase access and flexibility for attendees and decrease the environmental impact of travelling he has created an online version which can be completed at your own pace and without waiting for a course near you! This is the only course of its kind.


heumatology conditions often masquerade as musculoskeletal disorders and this means they are likely to present to therapists. In fact, the closer to the start of a patients journey you are the more likely they are to present to you. Research shows there is significant delays to diagnosis and many individuals have seen multiple professionals prior to their condition being recognised.

This course will cover the signs, symptoms and associated conditions that it is necessary to screen for to ensure you don’t miss these presentations. It also covers the pathophysiology, required investigations and interpretation to ensure you are practicing at the highest level.

Included is the management of these conditions from a therapist viewpoint, this will enable you to manage the patients appropriately either directly or as a guiding referrer.

Cost – £149 – To purchase access click here
(Departments or institutions please contact directly to discuss multiple access)

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Course Outline

Recognition, Pathophysiology and Investigation

Condition Management

Knowledge Application


“I just wanted to feedback that it was really helpful that you focused so much on the identification of possible inflammatory/rheumatology-relevant symptoms – I had a patient in yesterday where everything pointed to an inflammatory spinal condition (classic 24 hour pattern, response to NSAIDs, likely enthesitis symptoms, better with activity worse with rest, etc). I’m pretty certain I wouldn’t have picked her up before the course as I probably wouldn’t have questioned her enough to get all of that! Also thanks for the blog on the blood testing – it was really helpful when I was writing back to the GP to remind me what to ask for.”
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