bespoke education, training & development for rheumatological conditions.

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Hi, I’m Jack March

I am a Physiotherapist specialising in Rheumatology and providing bespoke Continued Professional Development courses on the recognition, investigation and management of Rheumatological conditions.

If you are interested in having a clinical appointment with me, I do these virtually. Please use the contact function near the bottom of the page.

Check out my blog posts, I try to publish something new 2-3 times a month. Sign up (click here) for the newsletter and I will send all the Rheumatology goodness that I can find!

Latest Posts

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What I offer

Provision of CPD materials for MSK Therapists on all topics relating to Rheumatology, these range from simple blog posts to bespoke full day in person courses. Much of my work is available for free and please do utilise these as you see fit. I try to keep everything as up to date as I can, for updates on new or updated material please follow me on your preferred social media channel(s)

Courses & Education

I create all my courses bespoke for each settings requirements, I offer full and half day in person or virtual provision for groups and/or departments. Please get in touch with me regarding booking this where you are.

I also have a fully online course this replicates the in person event as closely as possible and is suitable for all experience levels and particularly for therapists who are not UK based or have other logistical constraints as it can be completed over whatever time frame suits you.

I am experienced at speaking at events both in person and virtually on a range of Rheumatology topics, plus have appeared on a number of podcasts and other learning platforms. I am always happy to discuss this further on request.

Useful REsources

“Rheumatology resources created by Jack that are hosted on external websites”

Latest Media

Here you can find the latest uploads to my YouTube channel, this varies from Podcast recordings to vlogs about Rheumatology topics or CPD events I have been at or involved in. You can find my podcast on all podcast players and subscribe to get notified of new releases.

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