AxSpA in Women Knowns and Unknowns

Something different this week, I am going to admit what I don’t know! Yes, yes I don’t know much about much but I am going to be specific. On Friday 09/10/2020 I am attending a webinar by ARMA all about AxSpA in Women and how it differs to the condition in Men.

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As usual feedback is greatly appreciated and any further reading for me please send it my way!


What do I know?

– AxSpA affects nearly as many (if not as many) Women as Men

– Women seem less likely to develop structural changes as Men with AxSpA

– Women have an equal disease burden to Men with AxSpA

– Women tend to present with more peripheral manifestations but less classical axial symptoms than Men

– Women have a lower HLA-B27 +ve rate than Men (~85% vs ~90%)

What do I suspect?

  • Women’s delay to diagnosis is longer than Men’s
  • Women are more likely to be misdiagnosed due to higher prevalence of pain syndromes
  • Suspicion in Primary care is lower in Women than in Men

What do I not know?

  • Why are there these differences?
  • How do we mitigate or offset the increased delays because of the less “classical” presentation?
  • Should we have a lower threshold for referral and/or investigation in Women?
  • Are there any aids we can use to help our clinical reasoning process in Women?

Next Steps

Ok, so I hope the above holds me to account with my learning, it\’s a lot to ask of in an hour webinar but my fingers are crossed. The plan is to challenge what I know and see if I can get answers to my suspicions and what I don’t know. I will follow up with what I learn, note any new questions that I generate and try to apply all this to our clinical practice.


I am really to keen to hear from anyone who has further information or other questions about Women vs Men differences in AxSpA.

Get me any feedback you might have so that I can grow and improve.

See you next time!

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